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woodstock cenotaph

Some time ago I began searching for information on various names of the WW1 soldiers who are named on the local cenotaph. Following the gathering of all the data and cross checking the information as best I could, I decided to list the names in the order in which they died due to their service in time of war. I found all sorts of variations in spelling as well as some very distinct errors. There will be those who may wish to add to some of the information.

Since this is a summary of information from numerous sources it was suggested that this should be made available for others to view.  Everything was found either on line or at public archives such as Provincial Archives, L.P. Fisher Library, and various books and newspapers etc.

More information could be included, but this is 16 pages. To those who wish to find documents or possible photos etc. they can go to Library and Archives Canada or the Virtual War memorial or other sites to go more in depth.

Paul Hanson
The major battles of Ypres (1915), Vimy (1917) and Passchendaele (1918) resulted in hundreds of soldiers whose bodies were never found and lie buried in the fields of those areas. The names of those who were never found are indicated as “named” at the various memorials The Menin Gate which contains the names of 55,000 Commonwealth soldiers, 6,983 are Canadian. The Tyne Cot British Cemetery is the largest Commonwealth War Cemetery
in the world. There are 11,871 graves and 70% (8,365) are unidentified. 89% (554 soldiers) of the 966 Canadians buried there are not identified. The Vimy Memorial has 11,285 names which includes all soldiers who died in France with no known grave.70% of the soldiers who died at Vimy have a known grave. There are at least 20 different cemeteries in the vicinity of Vimy that contain graves of the soldiers who died in that particular battle. As the soldiers located a body it would be taken to the nearest headquarters for identification and recording of information then directed to the nearest cemetery. Renown Canadian historian, Norm Christie has an extensive resource both in print and on line relating to Canadians buried in Commonwealth War Graves in Europe.

Men who enlisted in an infantry battalion in Canada were moved to a massive Reserve Battalion upon arrival at England. The original battalions, 26th and 104th from New Brunswick had their diminished ranks augmented by these new arrivals. They would be in combat with men from their own military district but the battalion number at attestation could be changed upon arrival in England. This change was commenced in 1917 due to the high sequence of consecutive battallion numbers. Consequently a soldier could have enlisted in the 44th, 53rd or 78th batallion but when he served in France or Belgium he
would have been transferred to the 26th or 104th etc. batallion.

There are several anomalies on the Woodstock Cenotaph names. Included in this summary, notations have been added in the fine print to indicate the spelling and variations of names etc. that have been identified which can be helpful in searching records. The occupation or trade of the soldier was part of the Attestation document. It was added to the information that has been gathered to indicate the effect that the loss of a soldier was not only a loss to the family but the whole community.

As information is constantly being gathered by the numerous agencies who research this aspect of our history. There will be new information that may be found possibly photos, that should or could be shared and possibly added and this is welcomed.

SOURCES: Library and Archives Canada (Attestation Papers) (Circumstances of Death), Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canada Census records, CEF Soldier search, Great War Forum,, DND National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials, Nominal Rolls of CEF, N.B. Provincial Archives, L.P. Fisher Library, Carey Library Houlton, American Battle Monuments Commission. World War One Reminiscenes of Steve Pike by Gene Dow, The Story of Knowlesville by Judson Corey.

REVISED: November 2016


NameS/NDetailsCivilian TradeRemarks
CAMERON, Hector 22722Served in 14Bn, his place of birth was Lepreau, enlisted at Hector Quebec, resident of Woodstock(town). Killed in action 21 April, named at Menin Gate, Belgium
(Telegraph operator)(15 yrs. old when killed, youngest soldier from this area as well as being the first casualty from the county.) (Member of 1st Brighton Engineers) (His Attestation papers do not indicate his year of birth but 1911 census records would verify that he was 15yrs old at time of death)
HOLMES, Wendall51195Served in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, born in Woodstock, enlisted in Winnipeg, resident of Parish of Simonds, died 8 May, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Teamster)
REDALL, Frank22627served in 14Bn, born in England, enlisted in Valcartier resident of Parish of Northampton, died 20 May, buried at Vimy, France..(Farmer)
ZINCK, Leo23066Served 13 Bn, born in Lunenburg, N.S.,enlisted in Valcartier, resident of Parish of Simonds, died 20 May, buried at Vimy, France.(Cook)
KEENAN, JamesEnlisted 55Bn in Woodstock,Born in Killoween, Parish of Kent, died of spinal meningitis 26 December at his home. Buried at Johnville,N.B.( No attestation papers and no records at LAC nor CWGC a member of militia “ 55 Bn” died while a member)


NameS/NDetailsCivilian TradeRemarks
WHITCOMBE, William45221served in Canadian Engineers, born in Warwickshire, England.
resident of Parish of Northampton. Enlisted in Valcartier, died 5 February, buried at Dranoutre Cemetery, Belgium.
(Driver)(Incorrect spelling of last name on Cenotaph – should be WITCOMB)
BULL, J.Allison111061served in Canadian Mounted Rifles, born in Woodstock,resident of Parish of Woodstock, enlisted in Amherst N.S. died 8 February, buried at Berks, Belgium.(Civil Engineer)
RIORDAN,Gregory181618served in 140 Bn. born in Woodstock, enlisted in Sussex, resident of Woodstock, died of illness, 5 April, buried at Woodstock. (Stone Cutter)
CHARLTON, Harold R.69152served 26 Bn. born in Centreville, enlisted in Saint John,resident of Centreville, died 6 April, named at Menin Gate, Belgium. (Machinist)(Incorrect middle initial on Cenotaph, should be ' B.')
WILEY,Ralph442238served in Royal Canadian Regiment, enlisted in Vernon, B.C.lived in Divide, Parish of Aberdeen, died 27 April, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.
COLWELL, Ralph444116served in 14 Bn. enlisted in Woodstock, lived in Brighton. Died 19 May, buried at Lijiisenthoek, Belgium.(Farmer)(Farmer)
DICKINSON, James A.709846served in 104 Bn. enlisted in Sussex, lived in Hartland,died 1 June, buried at Wakefield, N.B.(Blacksmith)(Incorrect middle initial, should be ' O.')
ARMOUR,Rice444337 served in 42 Bn. enlisted in Woodstock, lived in Upper Kent,died 2 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium. (Labourer)
LAMONT, John111275served in 4 Canadian Mounted Rifles enlisted in Amherst, N.S. lived in East Glassville, Parish of Aberdeen, died 2 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Bank Clerk)
FISHER, Charles444358444358 served in 14 Bn. Enlisted in Saint John, lived in Glassville, Parish of Aberdeen, died 3 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Labourer)
KILPATRICK, C.V.81488 served 3 Bn. Enlisted in Winnipeg, lived in Woodstock, died 4 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium. (Bank Clerk)
DANDO,Perley477218 served in Royal Canadian Regiment, (RCR), born in England,lived in Woodstock, enlisted in Halifax, died 8 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Carpenter)
McCLUSKEY,Clarence85753 served 13 Bn. born in Fredericton, enlisted in Fredericton, parents lived in Woodstock, died 13 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Machinist)
McDOUGALL,J. Arch148308 served 5Bn. born in East Glassville, Parish of Aberdeen, enlisted in Manitoba, died 14 June, buried at Railway Dugouts, Belgium. (Mechanic)
JOHNSTON, J. McLean69476 served in 26 Bn. born in Woodstock, lived in Parish of Richmond, enlisted in Saint John, died 16 June, named at Menin Gate, Belgium.(Carpenter)
HIPWELL, Jack85677 served in Canadian Field Artillery, born in Woodstock, enlisted in Fredericton, died 17 June, buried at Lijiisenthoek, Belgium.(Student)
NICHOLSON,Thomas69722 served in 26 Bn. born in Canterbury, enlisted in Saint John, died 23 June, buried at Lijiisenthoek, Belgium.(Farmer)
JACKSON,Harry A.415268 served in 13 Bn. born in Upper Woodstock, enlisted in Digby, died 27 June, buried at Railway Dugouts, Belgium.(Steam Engineer)
GEORGE,Woodford444121 served 1st Bn. born in Pembroke, Parish of Brighton, enlisted in Woodstock, died 10 September, buried at Sunken Road, France.(Shoe Maker)( Brother to William who was also killed)
WILLIAMS, Clarencen/sserved 26 Bn. born in Lakeville, Parish of Wilmot, enlisted in Valcartier, died 15 September, buried at Vimy, France.(Merchant)
BROOKS, M.Earle444117served 14 Bn. born in Foreston, Parish of Aberdeen, enlisted in Woodstock, died 26 September, buried at Vimy France.(Labourer)
HAVENS,Clarence41515 served in Canadian Field Artillery, born in Jacksonville, Parish of Wakefield, enlisted in Quebec, died 30 September, buried at Bapaume, France. (Farmer)(Brother to Harry who was also killed)
TOWNSEND,Percey444943served 25 Bn., born in England, lived in Jacksontown, Parish of Wakefield, enlisted in Sussex, died 2 October, buried at Contay British Cemetery, France.(Labourer)
HALL, Horace S.445582served 58 Bn., born in England, lived in Parish of Brighton, enlisted in Sussex, died 8 October, buried at Adanac, France.(Farmer)
JUDKINS, John41528 served in Canadian Field Artillery, born in Woodstock, enlisted in Valcartier, died 9 October, buried at Baraume, France.(Student)
RANKIN, Franklinn/sserved in Royal Flying Corps, born in Woodstock, enlisted in Valcartier, died 23 October, buried at Arras Flying, France.(Civil Engineer)
HAYWOOD, Eric M.41516served in Canadian Field Artillery, born in Victoria Corner, Parish of Wakefield, enlisted in Quebec, died 9 November, buried at Bapaume, France.(Labourer)