Veteran License Plates

Okay troops, start your engines!

I have decided to apply for veteran license plates for my chariot. It is a free service specially for veterans.A Veteran is any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably released.” This also applies to the RCMP as their disability claims are managed by VAC.

Here is the process I used; I went to and searched how to apply for veteran licence plates in New Brunswick. I chose this link: This form is very clear on what is required.

Both the Missus and I are veterans so in order to be able to keep the plates in case one of us were to pass away, we each needed to fill out a form.

The next step was to get them approved by the New Brunswick Command of the Royal Canadian Legion. We scanned them and along with our NDI 75 (ID Cards that we were issued when we retired) and email them off to Kathy who is the Service Officer based in Saint John. Very obviously, she dropped everything and got our approval and emailed them back withing an hour. Thank you Kathy!

With these forms in hand, along with the registration, proof of insurance and the old plates, I headed for Service New Brunswick. I am happy to report that within an hour our chariot was running so much better sporting her new veterans plates.

Keep in mind that this process is for New Brunswick. Different provinces might have a different procedures.

Remember to Thank a Veteran