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This is an email that was received from Veteran Mental Health Resources Outreach Coordinator Sean Peterson that may be of interest to some of you. 

I'm writing to inform you about a fantastic resource available to retired veterans in Maine. Our organization offers free resources and information on veteran rehab and mental health treatment in the Maine area for those seeking to live the life they deserve. is designed to make finding the help needed for any veteran-related issue easy. 

From health and mental health care to addiction treatment, has everything required to get the help some veterans might be seeking.

Did You Know

Fort Drum Retirement Services



Attention to those veterans who served in the U.S. Forces: Check these sites to see what you are entitled to:

Retirement Servicers Office – Fort Drum
Fort Drum Retirement Services – Fort Drum (FB Page)
Maine Bureau of Veterans Services

Our Service Officer , Bob MacFarlane, is here to help you whether you are a Canadian citizen who served in the U.S. or a US citizen living in Canada. U.S. vets, like Canadian vets, don’t always know what is available to them. We thank you for your service!!


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