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2019 Remembrance Week
Photo Gallery

Woodstock First Nations

We are proud to go to Woodstock First Nations this morning to honour our indigenous brothers and sisters. I am privileged to have served with some fine people and in our local cadet corps…Thank you all!

We very much enjoyed our service at Woodstock First Nations this morning. Thanks to all who worked hard at making it happen. It was a time of common remembrance of the sacrifices made by our peoples in the name of freedom. The morning was topped off with a delicious lunch…Thank you!

Here are some photos of our visit – including a picture of 3 Vietnam Veterans: L to R Val Polchies, Ken Sercerchi, and Roger Polchies. (Last photo)

Carleton Manor

This afternoon, we attended a Remembrance Day service at the Carleton Manor. It was such an honour to be there with them. We met a lady veteran who will celebrate her 100th birthday in early December. It was good to spend time with these folks…Lest we forget …

Meduxnekeag School

We visited the Meduxnekeag School this morning as part of their Remembrance Day service…The students and staff did not disappoint…they did a fantastic job…choirs, poems, music, a video…we were honoured to be part of their special assembly. Thank you all so very much for including us…

Woodstock High School

We were guests at the Woodstock High School. We were treated to a lovely luncheon cooked and served by the culinary class…Delicious! We attended their Remembrance Day service two times in the afternoon because it school student body was divided. We were impressed with the overall presentation…so proud of our youth! Our President, Manderville Canam, was the guest speaker…

Townsview School

We had an awesome time this morning at the Townsview School here in Woodstock, NB. The staff and students did an excellent job of producing a Remembrance Day program. Here are a few photos:,,Thank you!

Now for something different…some Townsview students painted these memory rocks (last photo) and passed them out to all the veterans this morning. What a wonderful idea!

Riverside Court

Remembrance Day Service at Riverside Court today…thanks to all who attended…and to the residents and staff!

Woodstock First Nations
Remembrance Banners

We were very proud to have been invited to join our brothers and sisters of Woodstock First Nation to the unveiling of 9 new Remembrance Banners honouring the service of members of their community. Many thanks to Randy Leonard for initiating the effort, aided by members and families of WFN. This took place at their Veterans’ Memorial and Park…such a beautiful day in a place of serenity and peace