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Fund Raiser 2018

Our Winners for 2018

Mark Cleghorn,
Keith Fullerton,
Sheila McManus,
Julie Reissner,
C. Reynolds,
C. Nicholas,
Sheryl Nichol,
David Webb,
Gib Anderson,
A. Gesner,
Wendy Giberson,
Casey Campbell,
Kim Rae-Niles,

Ryan Thornton,
Mr. DeGagne,
Ken Wright,
Peter Carpenter,
Adeline Boudreau,
Jackie Dickinson,
Susan Black,
Marlene Flewelling,
A. Sawyer,
Ron Hill,
Richard Reeves,
Leona Avery,
Kate Hendry.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket and to all those who donated the prizes.
We ask that you support our local businesses for the generosity they show to the community.
This is one of our major fund-raisers with the proceeds going to our work with veterans, 318 Woodstock Army Cadets, local schools and groups, and other community projects such as refurbishment of the Cenotaph and the German Trophy Gun on the Court House lawn.
Thank you everyone!!