End of Life Checklist

The Missus and I were having our morning coffee and discussing how we would fix the world when the discussion shifted to end of life issues.
We decided to research what resources are available to us as veterans and how to tap into them. Since there is a lot of material associated with this subject, we will do a series of blogs related to this.
Realizing what a stressful time this will be for the remaining member, we decided to make a check list of people and departments that will have to be contacted. Here is what we came up with that would work for us:

Veterans Affairs Canada:
Phone No.: 1-800-268-7708
If you have the name/phone number of the case worker, call him/her. Have the VAC file number on hand.

DND Pension:
Phone: 1-800-267-0325
Have pension information on hand

Canada Pension & Old Age Security:
Have pension information on hand.

Province of NB:
Call local Service New Brunswick. Have date of birth and Social Insurance Number on hand. If provincial pension is involved, have the information on hand.

Location of Funeral Instructions and Memorials List:

Power of Attorney:

Location of Will/Insurance Policies:

Location of Safety deposit Box:

List other pensions, etc.:

List of service organizations: i.e. Regimental Associations, etc.

Inform Canada Post where to direct mail

Remember to thank a Veteran