Routine Orders

We know the timing of this may be questionable however we think it is always important to keep our veterans in mind when an employer is looking for good employees – if not now, then later, when we will all be rebuilding the economy of our country.
We have veterans who are retiring from the military and are transitioning into civilian life and we have veterans who are looking for part-time or full-time work. Please consider them and be sure to share,
Thank you to our member, Phil Fader, for his assistance.




Please be advised that Woodstock Unit #95 has cancelled the Coffee House which we host on the first Wednesday of each month….due to the COVID-19 virus….Please share this with other veterans and first responders. We will advise you when we can resume these social outings….Thank you for your patience….

This message is from our Dominion Command.
Since we are not under a provincial command we take direction directly from our Ottawa headquarters.
Our unit President, Manderville Canam, wishes to pass this information to our members in order to assure you that our organization is staying proactive in the COVID-19 crisis.
At present at the local level, our meetings are cancelled until further notice. St. Gertrude’s hall is closed and Sobeys has closed their Community Room.
Planned activities such as the Vimy Ridge commemorative vigil and the Vimy Ball are cancelled. The 318 cadet trip to Ottawa is cancelled until next year.
Our plans for a V-E Day event will be reviewed as the date approaches and depending on the advice from the province, the executive will decide.
Everything else is on hold and as the message indicates, even the upcoming Dominion Convention in Winnipeg will be reviewed in May.
We want all our members to stay well and to communicate via e mails and phone calls to support each other and offer assistance by way of getting needed food or medications which may be causing difficulty. Just let us know.
We are all together, “Shoulder to Shoulder” as we face the challenges that surround us.
Manderville Canam
Unit 95
/ P. Hanson