Routine Orders

The Woodstock Unit #95 ANAVETS is holding a Coffee House on the first Wednesday of the month from 10 am until noon at the Harvest House on Foundry St. in Woodstock for veterans and first responders – both retired and still serving.
This is an opportunity for those men and women who share similar lines of work to get together to chat and share a cup of coffee. Harvest House has been very generous in offering a quiet space in their facility for this project.
This is limited to Armed Forces veterans, EMT’s, police officers, and firefighters.
For now, it will be held the first Wednesday of each month and we will re-evaluate the program as it goes along. We may decide to operate the service more often if there is a good response.
The volunteers will be ANAVETS members – all of whom are veterans of the Armed Forces of first responders.
If you would like more information, please call Beth or Bob at 506-375-4626.