German Gun

German Gun October 17, 2016

Following World War I, Frank Caldwell was the MP for the riding of Carleton-Victoria.   He had the opportunity to obtain three German Field Guns as  “Trophy Guns”.   He presented them to the counties of Carleton and Victoria and they were placed in Grand Falls, Perth-Andover, and Woodstock in the early 1920’s.   The Woodstock gun was placed in front of the Court House to complement the Cenotaph.   Age and the elements have not been kind to the old gun over the years.   Woodstock Unit #95 ANAVETS initiated the refurbishment of the field gun, beginning with new wheels which were crafted by King’s Landing.   The wood was paid for with a grant from the Province of New Brunswick.  We are now in the process of sand-blasting, painting, machining, etc of the gun itself.   There is a committee overseeing the project and includes members of 89th Field Battery and ANAVETS.  A new cement pad will be put down in the spring.   The old gun should be back in the place where it has been for so many years by early summer 2017.   Safety features will be added as part of the restoration process.
Next spring after the frost is out of the ground the new pad will be poured and the landscaping etc. and the job will be complete except for arranging a winter storage site. 

Cheers to all who were part of this project.