Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Veteran is any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably released.” This also applies to the RCMP as their disability claims are managed by VAC.

  • ANAVETS is a Veterans’ organization

  • Hold or be entitled to receive a medal for Active Service overseas in Her Majesty’s Forces, the Merchant Navy, or the Canadian Corp of Firefighters.

    Have volunteered for general service in some branch of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and have been honourably discharged or released.

    have at least one (1) year of service with the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP.

    Any member of Army, Navy or Air Force Cadets who have completed 3 years of service.

    Have served one (1) year in the Armed Forces in any NATO country.

    Have 2 years of service as a police officer, firefighter, correctional officer, customs, coast guard, EMT, fisheries or land and forest.

  • The membership dues are $30 per year.

  • Woodstock ANAVETS #95 meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month, excluding July & January at the Saint Gertrudes Church Hall at 7:00 PM

  • Sponsor of 318 Woodstock Army Cadet Corps

    Offers annual bursaries at Woodstock High School, Canterbury School
    Nackawic High School, Hartland School and Northern Carleton High

    Conducts FLAG DAY commemoration at various schools including,
    Debec, Southern Carleton, Canterbury, Nackawic Elementary,
    Woodstock Middle school, Centreville Elementary, Bristol Elementary,
    Florenceville Elementary

    CANDLELIGHT TRIBUTE during Veterans Week at Woodstock Cenotaph
    by Woodstock Middle School

    Assist Salvation Army in the annual Christmas Kettle Campaign

    Coordinate with 318 Army Cadet Corps the annual Vimy Ridge
    commemorative at the Woodstock Cenotaph

    Arranged to have the VETERANS OMBUDSMAN visit and speak on
    two different occasions

    Coordinated the refurbishment and restoration of the Woodstock
    Cenotaph as well as adding names of Korean War and Peacekeeper

    Collected food and sundry items for the troops in Afghanistan

    During Veterans Week scheduling is arranged so that every local
    school is visited by a contingent of local veterans and also visit
    the manor and Riverside Court for ceremonies

    Arranged to have the wheels on the WW1 field gun restored