2017 Winners of the Woodstock Unit #95 ANAVETS Bursaries

Woostock High School – Emma Culberson

Carleton North High School – Lucas Lloyd

Hartland Community School – Austin Davis

There were no applications from Canterbury or Nackawic High Schools

Conditions of Woodstock Unit #95 ANAVETS Bursaries

This application is to be used for one of the Bursaries of $300.00 each, awarded annually by Woodstock Unit #95 of the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada (ANAVETS)

These Bursaries will be awarded each year to students from the area for post-secondary education in university, community colleges, vocational/technical schools, and other recognized post-secondary institutes of higher learning.

Bursaries will be granted on the following criteria:

A. Armed Forces, or RCMP connection *
B. Financial need
C. Academic Achievement
D. Extra-curricular involvement and leadership

* Armed Forces, or RCMP connection includes:

1. Children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren of a veteran of the Canadian Forces or RCMP.
2. A child who has a veteran as his/her legal guardian
3. A serving member of a Cadet Corps with a minimum of 3 years’ service
4. An effective serving member of a Reserve Unit of the Canadian Forces
5. A child of a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces or RCMP

The applicant should carefully complete the Application Form by including all the required information and names of TWO references. Please note that an official record of academic marks must be included with this application. Completed application should be forwarded to the Guidance Office by May 15th. Successful applicants will be notified on Graduation Day.